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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Opinions please! Incentive, Info and Other Stuff. Please Read!

Opinions please! Incentive, Info and Other Stuff. Please Read!  2. March, 2015

Hi {fname}
this is going to be a long one again, SORRY.
I tried to simplify and put everything in short, but as usual failed, lol.
Please feel free to relax and grab yourself a drink before settling in for the next few minutes with me.

Good news:-
Brian Downie has added UDB to his downline builder now.
Make sure you log in and add your IDs there, if you haven't joined yet, why not?
You get 2 lifetime banner and text ads for life for just $20, earn 50% commissions plus .50c for EVERY member joining under you whether you refer them or not.

This will build itself and earn you a potential $1MILLION in the MillionDollarGenerator partnership with PIC (free to join and get ALL the details) and PQS (the builder that gives you unlimited banner and text advertising for a measly $15 a year with a tiny 2x2 matrix earning you $39 over and over).
Listen to the latest presentation (20mins) here...
or join PIC FREE via your sponsor {sponsor} and get in on the next one live!
Each program is listed within the downline builders of each site, so be sure to add your IDs at each one so your referrals can follow you into each from each.

Other news and your views:-
I want your opinion!!!
A FREE 200 click link ad (PTC) for EVERYONE who replies.
Details on how to set them up in my reply.
Very simple YES or NO reply to this mail for this one question.
Should I go ahead and add ALL advertising and resources sites to the builder?

I was adding them one-by-one so that I could give each program due attention within UDB, but some newer members who don't know me think I'm adding things willy-nilly.
The ONLY sites that will ever be added here without prior warning and/or majority approval will be the 'Admin Offers'

There will never be more than 15 'Partner Programs'.
11 we have in place and for now ONLY SuccessQuik is approved for inclusion later this year.
Members of 7Day, CAB, PIC/PQS can join through their respective downline builders until it gets added here sometime in the next month or so.
Make sure ALL your IDs are in place in the builders at each site (I know I keep repeating myself here but it is VERY important).

That leaves 3 spots to fill in years to come.
These too will have the same criteria as the existing sites.
Centering around 7Day and it's Core Programs.
Long standing,
Responsive, trustworthy and experienced Admin/Owner.
Have a FREE option (or FREE trial period) where you can still earn.
Offers a valuable product that we NEED and WILL use to help us build our business.
Buy the product first and use it, before considering any compensation plan.
It's proven that if we use a product we are 10x more successful at recommending it to others.

As Dennis Bayne from RM4RP teaches us, commissions are nothing more than a bonus.
Buy it, try it and if you like it you'll naturally want to share it, right?

If you still haven't joined RM4RP, you really should consider doing so, it has the same 100% commission 2-up payplan as CIOB. You break even with your first referral, pass up #2 earn 100% on 3 pass up 4 and then keep everyone else to infinity each one passing you 2 who in turn pass up 2 and so on forever.

I also recommend you watch the 5 minute video "How to swing a $10 bill like a sledge hammer" so basic yet so informative.
Check RM4RP out in our 'Other Resources'

4Corners unfortunately could NOT be added because it didn't meet the criteria, but XLN (a builder for 4Corners open to ALL members, new and existing) WILL be added as a resource site to help those of you who want the option to build your 5C team here at UDB.

ParadoxCash was dropped for the same reason, although it too will be added as a resource due to popular demand.

Then there are the Ad Sites.

Promotion Magnet (Ad Resource), Another Multi TAE Submitter, but this one gives you FREE monthly 1click/submit ads and a couple of promo codes for some more ads to get your advertising seen by thousands at hundreds of sites long term for FREE.
This will be added asap along with promo codes for NEW members to join some of EvieBs other sites (Admin Offers).

GFA-Sites (Ad Resource) comes with a promo code that gives ALL members 9 SuperSoloAds plus a very low cost Login Offer where you can get 27 more Supers for just $5. Submit them ALL from 1 site. Great for stockpiling ads and keeping track of them.
I personally buy Network Ads everywhere and forget which ads I have at which site. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, right? So this is a lifesaver not to mention, money and time saver. Plus if you upgrade for $20 or get a better deal with log-in offer #2 or OTO when you join and you get a whopping 75% commissions. I know I buy the log in offer very often and have gotten a few nice commissions too so it definitely is worth the investment.
FREE members get 20% commissions and can enjoy the FREE ads and cheap log on offers too.

So that's just 2 Ad Resources and 2 Other Resources to be added as permanent fixtures and then ALL that will be added from that point will be SuccessQuik when ready, and any Admin Offers, unless something VERY special comes along and you agree it should be added in the future.

Add them ALL now or continue adding one by one so each one can be properly introduced and giving us time to join each one and get our advertising set up and learn how they work etc.

Bad News:- (I hate bad news)
I am still waiting on the programmer to get back to me about the changes, upgrades and modification add-ons I want doing, again meaning the upgrade value here I feel isn't there.

BUT Good News:- (to lessen the blow a little)
Once again I am NOT putting the price straight back up to $49, but instead increasing it gradually week by week by just $5 and YES you WILL still get the full price commissions.
Last night I set it at $34 and each Sunday at mid-night will up it to $39, $44 and ultimately $49.
In addition to this, until real value is added here, ALL new members joining will get a FREE $10 Link Ad (PTC).
This not only gives them 1000 unique, quality hits, but also helps FREE members afford the upgrade cost here.
YES, these WILL be 'unique' as members can ONLY view each link once and 'quality' because FREE members can ONLY use their click and referral commissions to upgrade here so they are actively earning to upgrade under one of you, and PRO members have already proved their activeness by upgrading here, so if the product you are recommending appeals to them, they will probably sign up and purchase as they did here.

EVERY cent paid for these ads is paid out to members.
I make NOTHING from these. I set them up purely to help members struggling with their upgrade costs eventually to be able to afford it.

If you wish to help me achieve this. please go purchase one now.
There are also $3 and $5 ad packages available, but you get less clicks for your money.
Check them out in 'Advertise' in the TOP Nav' or 'Paid Links' in the Side Nav' in your Members Area, where you can view ads and find the Advertise 'click here' link.

Those replying YES/NO to my previous question get a FREE $3 ad package.
Should I add ALL approved Ad and Other Resources together or one by one over the next few weeks?
You can also trade your commissions for ads by selecting the withdrawal amount
 and contacting me via support.
When setting up your ads write 'trade commission' as your payment ID.

Thats all for now, I guess as this is getting very long again.
I wish you health, wealth and above all else, HAPPINESS.
Take care and God bless.
If you want to delete your account for whatever reason, there is a link below.
I hate to see you go, and wish you every success in the future.
REMEMBER you are welcome back anytime.