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Friday, 15 May 2015

Good news, great news and awesome developments. Please Read!

Good news, great news and awesome developments. Please Read!   15/5/15

Hi {fname}
Long time no speak, I know and I apologise for my lack of communications lately.
FREE members, I mailed you yesterday with a nice bribe, so please read through that one too.
PRO members, you need to check out my blog if you want to know what that's all about, lol.

Things have been moving behind the scenes as you will read below, but these things took a little more time than anticipated to unfold.
Read on and I'm sure you'll forgive my silence...

Which do you want to hear first?
The GOOD news, the GREAT news, More GREAT news, Even more GREAT news or what we have in store with our Awesome developments.
Let's do it in that order...

Good news: 
TOAN has added a TEAMBUILD element where your TOAN downline will be grown on autopilot for you. I joined yesterday and will keep you posted as to it's results.
If you are a TOAN member, log-in to your back office there and check it out.

Want to join? Log in here and go to UltimateDownlineBuilder.net programs. There is a link in the description, click it and make sure it shows your sponsor's ID before continuing. If your sponsor ({sponsor}) isn't a member, please contact them so they have chance to join/add their ID before you do.
Only join from this link if you're certain your sponsor has joined the team build. If you're not 100% certain, join from the builder link.

Want more information? Join this Facebook group to see what other members are saying about TOAN, the TEAM build and get your questions answered by the big man himself. TOAN and TW Owner/Admin. Mr Brian Rooney...

Great news: 
Clinton Clark has given me the go ahead now to add our final program SuccessQuik to the builder. This will complete our portfolio of 12 interlinked programs here at UltimateDownlineBuilder.net.
WOO HOO! so excited about that!
I just have to make sure you understand that this is in VERY early pre-relaunch and wont officially be relaunched until July.
I will be adding it on Monday (my weekend is crammed packed full, but I will add it as soon as I find a minute, Monday at the latest) so make sure you log-in early next week and add your IDs.
If you are NOT yet a member, I highly recommend you join within the pre-relaunch period before July. 
ALL annual admin fees will be waived forever during this time so this will save you money every year for each level you upgrade up to. Upgrading up several levels will save you a small fortune so make sure you take advantage of Clint's generosity here.
This is a fantastic sales advantage too, as everyone likes the idea of saving money so you will see your referrals following you up the SuccessQuik staircase too.
BTW you get 100% commissions on every other referral joining you passing your 2nd, 4th and 6th up to your sponsor, and keeping everyone after that, but then every referral under you passes 3 up to you tripling your investment to infinity, pushing you up the ladder of Success 'Quik'ly.
After joining, make sure you fill out the downline builders here, at 7Day, CAB, PIC and PQS so your referrals can follow YOU into each through the other no matter where they start.

More GREAT news: 
The MillionDollarGeneratorMatrix will soon be ready for beta testing.
For those of you in the US there will be a PIF through 'netspend' and for the rest of us Clint has something else in mind.
There's a presentation about this on Monday night 9:30pm EST that I'm really looking forward to even though that's 2:30am for me here in the UK and on a school night too.

If you want to be part of this, make sure you join PerpetualIncomeClub asap. PIC is FREE to join and the only place you will get the information about this, so make sure you join.

Basically, The Million Dollar Matrix is CrazyAboutBanners in partnership with PIC and PQS which is the teambuild aspect and also of course UDB which is where your teams will be grown.
This ONLY needs 2 referrals but through PIC/PQS and UDB everyone will eventually get 3 sending spill down and out so that no holes will be left unfilled earning you $1,000,000 as it grows down 20 levels.
Oh yes, this IS totally doable, it might take time, but it's doable.
You just need 2 to get 2 down 20 levels and we're aiming for and wont stop until we have 3 (you can get as meny as you want, each one earning you 50% commissions), and with the PIF option this is totally open to EVERYONE who puts in a little effort to start.
Go ahead and join PIC now so you get ALL the information as this rolls out.

Even more GREAT news:
RealTimeAdBlast is offering a lifetime GOLD membership for just $99 this weekend only.
If you missed out last time, DO NOT miss this.
Go check it out in out Recommended Advertising Resources and join now making sure as always your sponsor ({sponsor}) has joined ahead of you.

Even as a FREE member you earn 20% here and there's a promo included so you can try the site out for FREE too. 
Don't leave money on the table, if your referrals join ahead of you and upgrade, you get nothing.
Better to get paid as a FREE member than to lose out completely.
I'm sure Kenny will run more specials in the future, so don't feel too bad if you can't make it this time. Concentrate on building your downline and use your commissions to upgrade when you are able.

Awesome Developments:
All the mods, additions and fixes should be completed over the weekend or at least within the next week or so.
I'm adding a URL tracker (use it to track your UDB link and a splash page link and send them to me so you can see the stats I get for you through My UDBRotator), 
a direct referral mailer in addition to the 5 level mailer already installed and also 
a new membership mod 
ALL totally FREE for you to use as a PRO member here.

FREE members take note and upgrade asap.
You get ALL this FREE in addition to everything else your PRO membership gives you already, for a one-time $39 right now saving you $10 if you go PRO before June 1st when the price will definitely go up to $49.

The membership mod will play a major role here at UDB and don't worry ALL future upgrades, other than PRO, will be FREE (well you'll have to earn them, but that's the fun part).

As you build your TEAM here at UDB, you will be rewarded.
As a FREE member you can already refer 3 PRO members to receive a FREE PRO upgrade simply by trading your commissions. This saves you 25% on the regular upgrade cost and your sponsor will still get his/her FULL commission.

I like to reward activity here, and really do want EVERYONE here to achieve success, and don't want it to end there, SO NOW...

As a PRO member.
Get 3 PRO referrals and you will become a Qualified PRO member (QPRO), this is when your link is removed from the UDB Rotator, but I don't want you to give up and stop there, so I want to reward you with more advertising and give you a 6th spot in the builder and encourage you to keep building YOUR downlines through UDB.

Get 5 PRO referrals and you will be promoted to Elite PRO (EPRO) and your commissions go up to 60%, you'll also get more ads and can add a 7th program to the builder.

Get 10 PRO referrals, you go Executive PRO (XPRO), get 70% commissions more ads and 8 programs.

Get 25+ PRO referrals to become Ultimate PRO, (UPRO) get 80% commissions more ads and can add 9 programs to the downline builder.

No other downline builder has this facility which is why they don't work.
All you have to do is build your downlines here to get rewarded, and why else would you join a downline builder other than to build your downlines.
This will also be a great selling point for your referrals to upgrade and get active here too, making you lots of money, not just here but within ALL 12 (once SuccessQuik is added) Partner Programs.

So as I was saying, we're unique.
You can earn upgrades, make money, build your downline and take them into 12 permanent, popular, productive, profitable, paying programs that all link back to each other so no matter where your referrals start they will always join under you.
I don't allow our Partner Programs to be promoted onsite so your referrals cannot be stolen from you here, most of our partners share my ethics on this too, build YOUR team once for everything by simply promoting your UDB link.
This is MAGIC!

Also, I am now including a Paid Link with the PRO membership worth $10.
This gives new PROs 1000 unique hits and allows all members to earn here.
The intention here is to enable more members to afford the PRO upgrade. Kind of a PIF donation.
I really want 5000 links added over time, so that members can afford to upgrade and/or break even quicker when they do.
Imagine 5000 links will be enough to PIF in 1000 more PROs.
All paying out FULL commissions to sponsors and adding another link to keep this moving.

If you want to purchase these ads, you can find them in the 'Advertise' tab at the top of any page on site.
They cost $10 for 1000 hits (I make nothing from these ads, 100% will be paid out/ go towards member upgrades), and you will be helping others afford their upgrades.

Don't think that members will just be clicking for pennies either.
PRO members have already shown they are active and can afford to join your programs if they are of interest to them, and FREE members can ONLY trade commissions for upgrades here and they could upgrade under you earning you commission and also as an upgraded member will be joining and promoting other programs under you eventually too.

We may only be 6 months in the making and just 3 months live, but it's taken me 5 years trial and error to get this far and NOTHING will stop me now.

As soon as everything is installed, fixed, added and I'm happy with it, I'm going to blow UDB out of the water. I have ALL my rotators loaded, a shed load of advertising stockpiled and will be able to concentrate more on promoting.
This will also be a great time for your own promotions as UDB will be everywhere and non members will want to know what all the hype is about and join us.

I promise you this...
Any member joining UDB becomes family to me.
I will rest at nothing to ensure you and they are made welcome, feel at home and encourage them to want to stay.
All you have to do is help me get them through the door.

What else is there?
I can't think right now, I'm just so excited that we are again moving in the right direction.
Feel free to bombard me with any questions.
A lot is happening and it's all moving at the speed of light.
I'm struggling to keep up with it all, so know there will be many questions and I'm here to answer them.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Wishing you health, wealth and above all else, happiness always.
Take care and God bless.
Kymm Reynolds.

Here's my blog link...
subscribe and you'll never miss a thing!
Have a GREAT weekend. I know I'm going to :)

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