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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Last chance for $10 discount and more.Please Read!

Last chance for $10 discount and more.Please Read!  31/05/15.

Hi {name}
Just a quick reminder that I WILL be putting the upgrade cost here up to it's FULL ticket price at midnight tonight.
If you are planning on upgrading here, now would be a good time to take the plunge.
I know I'd rather pay $39 than $49.

Just in case you're wondering, you get excellent value here for your one-time payment.
Here's a quick rundown of what you get...

A lifetime PRO upgrade (value $49)
This also includes further FREE upgrades, including even more advertising and incentives, as you progress while building YOUR downlines in our 12 Partner Programs plus multiple popular and responsive ad and resource sites.

Your own Downline Builder where you can add 5 programs of your choice (value $50).

1,000,000 Text Ad credits (value $50).

1,000,000 Side Bar/Button Banner impressions (value $50).

1000 unique hits to the site of your choice, Paid Link Ad (value $10 based on the price of our non-profit Paid Link Ad available on site where 100% of the $10 is set aside to help members afford or even re-coop their upgrade cost). 
1 of these Ads is included in your PRO upgrade so make sure you use it. The hope is that once we have 5000 PRO members, $50 worth of links will be in place which will be enough to pay in 1000 Free PRO members each one paying FULL referral commissions to their sponsor and adding one of these links which would be enough to pay in 200 more and so on (you get the idea?).

Random allocated referrals (priceless)

Your Referral URL added to the Admin Rotator/Ad Co-op until you have 3 PRO referrals ($67 or $5.95p/m based on similar ad co-op services without referral guarantees and probably robotically generated hits). 
Ads containing this rotator link are personally and manually promoted daily within some of the most responsive ad exchanges, mailers, classified ad boards etc so you know real people just like us are seeing and reading them in their quest to start earning online.

Unlimited use of our URL Tracking Service with 7 day stats that promotes this site as you advertise your other business' elsewhere  ($47 or $3.95p/m is the cheapest I've seen for Unlimited with IP stats and a promotional link)
You should use this service to generate a link of your UDB referral URL and send it to me asap for inclusion in the rotator so you can see the traffic I send to you for yourself.

Use of our Personal Referral Mailer to help you reach out to your Direct Referrals (priceless)

Use of our 5 Level Downline Mailer to reach out further downline and keep your TEAM actively working together (priceless)

Earn 50% Commissions (priceless earning you $24.50 for every PRO referral coming in under you even if you don't get them personally)

You also get the Special Sign-up Bonus this type of site offers as standard (value $128)

Plus as an extra added bonus you get...

4 SJV Upgrades (value $60)
4,000,000 Advertising Credits (value $200)
4 PowerBoostSuperSoloAds (value $16)
First Access to and generous Upgrades and Ad Packages at ALL future sites as they are launched (minimum value $69 each)

That's at least $727 worth of products alone, plus you earn FREE upgrades here each one adding much more value to your membership, get your own 5 program builder, get your referral link promoted for you and get random referrals allocated to you.

Plus you will get FREE upgrades and ad packages at ALL future sites.
I will be launching my new mailer on June 30th (my birthday) and will be adding it next week here so you can get your ads set up there ready.

ALL you really have to do then, is join ALL sites within the builder categories (most can be joined as a FREE member and/or have a FREE trial offer), also contact your sponsor as they may offer PIFs or incentives when you join their teams, it's always worth a try, even if they can't offer you anything it's a good way to introduce yourself and help you to build a relationship with them.
Add your IDs to the builder sections at each site, 
Add your own 5 favourite sites to your builder {make sure you use {affiliateid} (copy and paste it) in place of your username/ID and add your ID after approval), 
Use the advertising and resources they and we offer to promote your UDB link (use our cloaking service when promoting other sites and you will be promoting your UDB link simultaneously).

Keep promoting UDB to build massive downlines in ALL our programs and resource sites and earn FREE upgrades here.
I help you get 3 (which is all you need to break even and start earning in any of our programs) Once you have 3 you become a Qualified PRO.
Keep promoting UDB until you have 5 PRO referrals to upgrade to Elite PRO
10 PRO referrals earns you an Executive PRO upgrade and
25 earns you an Ultimate PRO upgrade.
Each of these upgrades gives you another 1 million each, banner and text ad credits, plus (coming soon) higher commissions, extra building slots and anything else I can think of to encourage you to keep active).
Can you even imagine what 25+ referrals in any/ALL of our programs would do to your bank balance, especially if together we can get and keep them active too?
Think about it!

For now though you just have one decision to make...
Upgrade now and save $10 or wait and pay the FULL price later.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Any questions, suggestions or problems, you know where I am.
Wishing you health, wealth and happiness.

Kymm Reynolds.

P.S. If you no longer want to be part of our family here, please feel free to click the link below and delete your account.
I'd hate to see you go, but you can always come back again if you change your mind.
No questions asked, like the prodigal son you will be welcomed back with open arms.
Take care and may God bless you.

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