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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Here's what's new and other news. Please Read!

Here's what's new and other news. Please Read!   31/05/15

Hello and happy Sunday to you, {name}

What's new?

Our final Partner Program, SuccessQuik as you may or may not know was added last week, if you haven't joined/added your ID yet, do so NOW!

Fantastic news if you've not yet upgraded there, Clint is forfeiting ALL annual admin fees until the site officially re-launches in July saving you money year after year.
Make sure you take advantage of this offer.
Triple your income to infinity with this 100% commission 3-up staircase to success, starting with just $10 and NO admin fees.

Also, Kenny Lessing has extended his Gold Membership $99 offer. If you can afford it, don't miss out this time. Nowhere else can you get such an incredible offer as this.
10 each 1 click/submit, Banners, Button Banners, Hot Links, Traffic Links, Log-in Ads and Solo Ads to 88 Text Ad Exchanges with a combined membership of 42,000+ and growing, EVERY month for life.
Now that's how to get your ads seen out there!
Post ALL your ads from one platform 2-3 times a week and you're done and earn 50% commissions.
NO return email, NO individual site memberships required and NO clicking required to post.
If you can't afford to upgrade, be sure to join and use the promo codes provided. Even free members earn 20% commissions here.
Check it out in our Recommended Advertising Resources.

ALL mods etc have now been added here at UDB (still having a few teething problems, but they are in and working at least).

Try out our Personal Referral Mailer. I highly recommend you contact your Direct referrals and urge them to upgrade here before midnight and save $10. It's a great way to make contact and introduce yourself.
I sent out a quick mail earlier too, but I'm sure they'd love to hear it from YOU.

You can also reach out further downline via our 5 Level Downline Mailer. Staying in contact with your TEAM is probably the best way you can ensure they get and stay active.
Send them your Skype, email, Facebook details and let them know you are there if they need help.

Yes you CAN use these to promote your other business', but please be careful about S*P*A*M complaints. I don't want to have to have either mailer removed. Their primary intention is to help members stay in touch, by all means swap email addresses or ask them to opt in to your private lists if you have one, but don't throw referral links out in every mailing, we don't like it!

Cloak your UDB referral link and splash page link for MY personal use.
I'll use it in place of your original link in my rotator so YOU can keep track of your stats too.
The advertising I've put out over the past few months is now starting to build up even though we have 180+ links on there right now each one is getting several hits daily.
I will continue to promote this rotator heavily using everything I have and hopefully soon will generate 100 eventually growing to 1000 hits per link per week.
It takes time to build up that amount of advertising and I'm hoping that you are promoting for yourself too. Obviously I alone can't get EVERYONE 3 PRO referrals myself but promise to help you until you have.

Even if you aren't directly and actively promoting UDB. although you really should be as where else can you build 12 Partner Programs, many ad and resource sites plus 5 programs of your own with just one link?
BUT if you aren't then PLEASE cloak ALL your outside referral links using our Link Cloaker so your UDB link is promoted simultaneously alongside them (oh and you get total hit count and 7 day IP stats too).

As I said, I will HELP you get 3 PRO referrals and in doing so YOU earn a FREE Qualified PRO upgrade topping up your banner and text ads with another 1 million credits of each. 
Then, so you don't give up, I'll reward you with the same when you reach 5 PRO referrals by upgrading you to Elite PRO, you'll get Executive PRO upgrade when you have 10 PROs and Ultimate PRO when you get 25 PRO, plus once this system is properly integrated each upgrade will give you higher commissions and more builder slots (still waiting on programmer, but WILL be operational very soon).

I want EVERYONE to reach Ultimate PRO (can you even imagine what 25 referrals into each of our Programs would do for you?) so as an extra incentive I have added a final category to our builder to the entire membership where Ultimate PRO members can add their favourite program, advertising or resource.

One member has already achieved this (you know who you are so make sure you send me your link so I can get your site added with YOUR ID set as the default and if I'm not already a member, I'll even join and upgrade under you too).

Another member is just 1 away, but has several free referrals, (just 1 needed Tom and you can add your program).

Many more are not far off...
Here are our stats...
1197 total members (that's just 3 away from our next $10 winner).
Of these we have 1 Ultimate PRO, 4 Executive PRO (including myself), 2 Elite PRO, 3 Qualified PRO and 186 PRO with several almost reaching their next upgrade qualification.
That being said we still have 1001 Free members (700 or more of these probably came with the site though, as new members are upgrading at the ratio of 1 in every 3).

Not bad stats, but I am hoping for more.
PLEASE help me achieve this by using everything we offer here to bring more people in.
Remember $10 will be awarded to the member who brings in referrals: 1200, 1300, 1400 and so on and the reward will be doubled to $20 for every 1000th member.

So that's where I'm going to leave it for now.

Log in here at
using your
Username   {username} and
Password   {password}
check your stats, use our new features and get your links out there.

Make sure you cloak your UDB referral link and a splash page (For Admin use ONLY) and send them to me so you can track your stats from me too.
I will even post some extra ads for you if you do.

Thank you for reading.
Wishing you health, wealth and happiness.
Kymm Reynolds.

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