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Thursday, 14 May 2015

I urge you to upgrade. Here's my bribe...

I urge you to upgrade. Here's my bribe...  15/05/15

Hi {fname}

You joined UltimateDownlineBuilder.net for a reason, right?
I'm guessing you want to make money and build a successful business portfolio online.
So what are you waiting for?

For the next couple of weeks the price is reduced to just $39 lifetime which is paying an awesome $24.50 (the FULL price commission value), not only that but you also get a 1000 unique view 'Link Ad' worth $10 in addition to the 5 programs you get to add to the builder and 1,000,000 each side banner and text ads and all the other inclusive PRO member bonus'.

The main reason I've included the Link Ads is to help FREE members like you to earn their upgrades here and this offer WILL stand until we have 5000 ads/PRO members (that's enough to pay in 1000 more) so anyone and everyone can afford to upgrade here and/or within the Partner Programs eventually.

ONLY here at UDB can you build a series of interlinked, permanent, proven and profitable programs with full help and support from, not only myself, but ALL our Partner Admins.
Any questions, just contact support here or at any of our partner sites and you WILL get a prompt reply with ALL the answers you need.

You've been a UDB member since {date} and haven't logged in for a while.
Log-in today using your username
and your password

Have a good look around and see what we have to offer.

As a FREE member you don't get much, but if you promote us a little you can easily earn your upgrade with just 3 PRO members (3 is the magic number here as that is ALL you'll ever need in any of our programs to break even and start making a regular and steadily growing income).
That's why my promise to you is that I too will promote your link until you get 3 PRO referrals after you upgrade here.

By referring 3 yourself as a FREE member, you get a 25% discount on the upgrade cost here, and in the meantime you'll be building your TEAM in all 11 (will be 12 when we add our final program SuccessQuik later this month).

You might also want to check out our other categories, where you can get some pretty good Admin Offers, and take advantage of our Recommended Advertising and Resource sites, and YES you will be building and earning from these at the same time just by promoting your UDB referral link.

If you're stuck for cash right now, I highly recommend joining ALL sites as a FREE member and upgrade one by one as you start to earn with them. YES, you can even earn as a FREE member so don't leave money on the table, every little helps so make sure you grab it with both hands.

If you have a little money to spare of course I urge you to upgrade here for just $39 (definitely raising to $49 on June 1) now and I promote your link until you get the 3 PRO referrals you need.

You also get a lifetime worth of advertising onsite here as well as upgrades and ad packages at ALL my TAEs existing and first access to my new sites as and when they are launched.
Bite the bullet, do it and use ALL the advertising and resources you get to promote your UDB link bringing in referrals.
We have about a 20-25% conversion rate here (I'm hoping to raise it to 50% or more by sending mails out just like this one encouraging more of you to get active and start earning with us).

If you bring in 10-15 referrals, you will have your 3 PRO referrals, and I promise you I will NEVER give up on your FREE members, so that eventually EVERY member here WILL upgrade, join our Partner Programs under you and massively explode your downlines when they do.

It can be a hard lonely life here on the net, that's why so many stick to the securIty of a JOB, so they know where to go if they need help, I try and make sure they know I'm here for them, but It means so much more coming from YOU!
Make sure you contact them when they join so they know you are here for them too.

If ALL that's not enough to entice you to upgrade here and start building your future...
Here's my bribe!
EVERYONE who upgrades before June 1st will get their UDB referral link sent out to 100s of TextAdExchanges via one of my MultiTextAdExchange submitter sites.
I will personally post 1 each: Banner, Button Banner, Log-In Ad, Traffic Link and Hot Link just for you.
If you don't know what a submitter site is, go to our Recommended Advertising sites and join RealTimeAdBlast under your sponsor {sponsor} and try it one for FREE.

I'm in love with these sites and am an upgraded member of 8 of them so should be able to post your ads asap after you upgrade and send me your link.

If you send me a cloaked/tracked UDB referral link I will also send out a Solo Ad using it.
That way you can track my efforts on your behalf so it's worth doing just for that reason.
I can then also use that link within the Rotator so you can see your stats generated there also until you get 3 PRO referrals here.

If that's still not enough to tempt you, you might as well go ahead and delete you account here and wave goodbye to eventual online success with us here at UDB.
As much as I hate to see anyone go, I know that when you are ready, you WILL return.
If you don't come back, then I know we would only have been carrying deadwood anyway, so the way I see it, it's Win/Win.

We are still in our infancy with so much more yet to come.
REMEMBER, I'm always here to help, you just have to ask.
If cash is a problem for you, I too am open to trades and/bribes, make me an offer and if it's worth the upgrade value to me, I'll be more than happy to take it.

I'm bending over backwards here, all I want is a happy, active and earning membership.
I can jump through hoops and walk on fire for you, but if you don't like the show, pack up and go home. Let me perform for those who do.
It's an open stage, if you want to join me, step up and let the games begin.
I'm sure we can have a whole lot of fun along the way too.

Any response is welcome, simply reply and let me know what you need.
There is also a delete link if that's your choice.
Whenever you're ready, come back and I'll welcome you as my Prodigal Son.

For now though I bid you all a good day, as I must now go be a good mum and pick my kids up from school and have them busy my evening.
I'll be back online though later to reply to your needs.

Take care and speak soon.
wishing you health, wealth and happiness.
Kymm Reynolds.

LOL, this mail is long enough already, there is no P.S. :)

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