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Thursday, 12 February 2015

A quick UDB update and incentive to upgrade asap. Please Read!

A quick UDB update and incentive to upgrade asap. Please Read!   27/11/2014

Just a quick message to ALL FREE UDB Members.

I really want to ENCOURAGE you to upgrade here ? during this pre-re-launch period while it is just $10 lifetime. You will earn 50% commissions while building your teams in our Partner Programs.
Your upgrade also includes 1MILLION Banner and 1MILLION Text Ad Credits in our system. Truly lifetime advertising for a one time $10.

On top of that you will be able to add 5 programs of your own instead of one for being a FREE member.
I am also offering a SJV upgrades complete with 1MILLION advertising points and a PowerBoostSuperSoloAd at all 4 of my TAEs (the same at ALL further ad sites I launch throughout 2015, that will be 12 altogether and much more besides).
I want to keep this site clean, so if you are no longer marketing or not interested in team building right now, simply reply 'REMOVE ME' to this mailing and I'll delete your account. No hard feelings or questions asked, I absolutely understand if that is the case.  
PLEASE feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments and of course criticisms.

I want to hear your opinions, good or bad I will take them onboard and although I can't promise to please everyone all of the time I will do my best to make this site, good value, responsive, up to date and most importantly make you all money.

Here's the lowdown so far...
I have decided on 11 PERMANENT programs so far (may increase to no more than 15 later) to have in the builder which are...

The 7 Day Success Plan.

The Online Ad Network.

Traffic Wave.

Perpetual Income Club.

Perpetual Quik Start.

Crazy About Banners

Cash In On Banners.

All In One Profits.

Paradox Cash.  (may add as resource)
Ads Co-op Pays.
Solomatic Group Control Center. (may add as advertising resource)
Please DO NOT add any advertising for these programs as it WILL NOT be approved.
Also there is a scrolling banner containing my own 4 (soon to be 5 +7 more in 2015) TAEs with some Advertising Bonus' you can take advantage of and build your downlines in too.
These are some of the internets most profitable and longstanding programs, each with trusted and responsive admins. 
These programs also link together nicely and you will find many of the programs are partnered with each other and then back here.
Just by promoting your UDB link you will help build your downlines in ALL 11 programs plus my own advertising sites.
We are on track to start the relaunch on Monday 1 December when I will be putting the price up to $25. Remember you can earn 50% commissions so feel free to spread the word, but NO open advertising until then.
Right now the price is just $10 so you really need to think about upgrading NOW.
On January 1, 2015 the price will be set at $49 forever.
The only thing that will increase thereafter will be the value of what you will get here.
I look forward to hearing from you and wish you health, wealth and happiness for the future.
Kymm Reynolds.
Admin of UltimateDownlineBuilder.net.

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