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Thursday, 12 February 2015

UDB News and Updates. Please Read and save for future reference!

UDB News and Updates. Please Read and save for future reference! 4 Feb 2015

Hi {fname}
I promise to try to keep my mails after this one short and sweet, but please read and save this one for future reference. Lots of info contained.

We have now launched with 1019 on Sunday 1st February.

Our first sponsor bonus of $20 has been paid to the sponsor of our 1000th member.

Get referring, as for every 100th member brought in I'm paying $10 bonus to the sponsor, plus for every 1000th member it will be a $20 bonus.
FREE members will get a FREE upgrade and their sponsor will get the $10/$20 bonus.

We already have a TEAM mailer that you can use to send information and incentives down 5 levels of your downline, and this week I'm having a Direct Referral mailer installed too, which you can use to contact your personal referrals directly from your back office.

Along side Real Time Ad Blast, Email Hog and Million Leads For Free have now been added to our Recommended Advertising Resources and Marty Petrizza has generously given us an extra promo code for Email Hog and also an incentive to join 3 more of her sites which can be found under 'Admin Offers'.

Make sure you join ALL these ad sites (you can join as a FREE member to earn commissions when your downline follow your lead and do the same) and use the advertising you get to promote your UDB link.

Please log-in after you have read this mail, using your details below...
{username} and {password}

and check you have added/updated your IDs, advertising and programs here and then grab your promotional tools and get building them ALL with your UDB link.

More resources will be added over the next month or so, so please watch out for my mails.
I don't want to overwhelm you by adding several sites at once, so have decided to add them one-by-one allowing a few days for you to check them out, use the advertising they give you and add your links before adding the next.

'Admin Offers' will be added as and when I get them so make sure you check that page regularly too.

You need to use your advertising here too!
I DO NOT allow ANY promotions on site for our Partner Programs and am extending this rule now to Ad Resources so the only way members here can join them is via their sponsor (please contact your sponsor, {sponsor} if you are unsure if they have joined already, their details can be found in 'Stats' by right clicking their name and copying email address to contact them directly.

If you are unsure of what to advertise, may I suggest ad sites. We ALL need decent advertising, right?, and these are generally more reliable and profitable than some fly-by-night new matrix program.

I have decided that 12 Partner Programs is more than enough for us to build with we already have 11 and the twelfth will be added soon.

I will NOT be adding 4Corners now as it doesn't link to anything else and I have no relationship with its admins etc, but I will be adding XLN as a resource in the coming weeks, which is a feeder into 4Corners that has some really great tools you can use to build your 4corners team. I will also be adding ParadoxCash as a resource and NOT program for the same reason.

As an upgraded member you can also add 5 programs of your own anyway, and I'm considering allowing the builder to go down 3 levels.

The second level will be added (for trial and approval) in mid March and a third on our 6 month anniversary 1st July if everyone is happy for that to be implemented at that time.
I want feedback on this from EVERYONE, so please let me know if you think this a good or bad idea!

That brings me to adding your own programs.
Make sure you use the {affiliateid} tag in place of your ID/username when you add your programs. I cannot edit your programs from the admin area so have no option but to delete them if added incorrectly.

should be submitted as

Wherever your ID or username appears in the URL you MUST replace it with {affiliateid} or your program will be deleted and you'll have to start again.
This applies to graphics too, any banners should either be edited the same or only use the html code from <img src=" to display the image ONLY.

If you have any questions whatsoever about anything, or are a site owner/admin and want to offer our members an incentive to join your site, please contact me.
I reply to EVERYONE personally within 24 hours and love hearing from you.

If however you do NOT like hearing from me, there is a link at the bottom of this mail where you can delete your account. Or reply with 'Remove Me!' and I'll do it for you.
Yes, I'll miss you and hate to see you go, but remember you can come back at anytime no questions asked just like the prodigal child.

That's all for now, but I'll be in touch again soon.
Please save this message and refer to it again. I know I say the same things in my mails which is why they are always so long. BUT if you keep this one, I wont have to keep repeating myself and my mails will be shorter.

I'm working on my info blog again and hopefully will get a few pages completed so in future mails I can just add links to the relevant info bits too.
Just give me a few more days. I do this while my family sleeps and often am very tired by this time too, especially as I haven't been 100% the past few weeks.
I'm glad to announce (touching wood) I'm almost over it and am feeling so much better.
Thank you to everyone who have wished me well. Your healing vibes worked and are appreciated.

I love you all.
I have ne
ver known such a great membership like we have here. You are truly amazing!

Take care and will speak soon.
Kymm Reynolds.

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