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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Urgent! RTAB Gold Upgrade offer ends tonight. Promo codes included and other stuff, please read!

Urgent! RTAB Gold Upgrade offer ends tonight. Promo codes included and other stuff, please read!   15 Jan 2015

Hi {fname}
if you haven't yet got your 85% discount on a Gold RealTimeAdBlast membership you need to grab it asap.

Kenny Lessing Jr. has extended this offer already and I doubt he will keep it open much longer, so if you want a Lifetime of ads going out to 86 and rising TextAdExchanges with a combined 43,700 membership for a one-time $59.95 you MUST act NOW.

Okay the price wont be going up to the full $399.95 after today, but will be considerably more at around $100.

Even if you can't afford this right now, no matter what the price, you should still join.
Using promo code
will get you a FREE 468x60 banner ad and a traffic link to ALL member sites, plus this weeks promo code is
which will get you a second banner ad.

Claim your FREE ads if nothing else and use them to promote your UDB link to build all your teams in one place. HERE!

Even FREE members get 20% commissions so join, use the codes, set up your FREE ads and make sure you add your ID to the downline builder here so your downline will follow your lead.
RTAB, like every program, offer and resource here, is a permanent addition so everybody should join even if just as a FREE member so you NEVER lose out on YOUR commissions.

My shortlist for other resources should be out for approval tomorrow followed by the first draft of...
The UltimateDownlineBuilder's Guide to Success.
My blog just for you.

Look out for them, I want plenty of feedback, suggestions, comments and make sure you subscribe so you NEVER miss an update or opportunity here, okay.

One last thing before I go...
Make sure you are part of the Million Dollar Generator partnership between CrazyAboutBanners and PerpetualIncomeClub/PerpetualQuikStart.

Join PerpetualIncomeClub through the builder here under your sponsor admin (this is FREE to do and you can get ALL the details there), and get into one of the presentations. There's one in a few minutes
Access Link: http://bit.ly/picteambuildconf

Conference Room Username: YOUR NAME - Sponsor's ID/Name
Conference Room Password: perpetual4all

or if you miss it, listen to the introduction here

I'm going to be pushing this as much as I can, so be sure to check it out and get signed up.
Turn $20 CAB plus $15p/a ($35) into a million over the next few years. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

I'm off now to log into the presentation.
I hope to see you in there too.

Thanks for reading.
See ya!
Kymm Reynolds.

P.S. here's the usual blah, blah, blah...
If you don't want to be here, hit delete link below or let me know and I will do it for you.
Yes we will miss you and double YES you are always welcome to come back any time.
May God bless you either way.
Take care.

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