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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Just 2 days left to save 85% on a GOLD upgrades at RTAB, Please Read!

Just 2 days left to save 85% on a GOLD upgrades at RTAB, Please Read!10 Jan 2015

Hi {fname}

Log in here at UltimateDownlineBuilder.net using the details you used when you joined...

Go to the 'Recommended Advertising Resources' section and check your sponsor has joined ahead of you.
Your sponsor is {sponsor}

If not make sure you contact them. Their details can be copied by right clicking over their name in the 'Stats' section.

Once your sponsor has joined, make sure you join too.
Even FREE members earn 20% commissions here.

If you have a downline here make sure you join asap and add your ID.
You can use the downline mailer to let your team know you've joined. It goes down 5 levels so please DO NOT add your link in there.

I highly recommend you upgrade before the price goes up on Monday if you can.
You'll earn 50% commissions and get 10 of each ad type submitted to 104 TAEs and rising, each month for life.

RTAB is one of only 2 submitter sites I know of that still offers lifetime memberships, and you will NEVER get a deal like this EVER again, I'm sure of that.

Just 2 sales will cover your upgrade (or just one at regular price will more than put you in profit).

This will be a permanent listing here at UDB so join, add your ID and collect 20% commissions until you save enough to upgrade too.
Even at $399.95 a lifetime GOLD is a bargain.
I pay around $174-$199.95 annually at other submitter sites and feel I get real value for money.

I really can't push this enough, I want EVERYONE to be a part of it.

Anyway, whether you upgrade or not, you should join and add your ID.
You'll be mad not to.
So that's all for now.
I wish you every success here and a very prosperous 2015.
Any questions, suggestions or comments, let me know.
Thank you for reading.
Kymm Reynolds.

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