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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Important UDB News, Update and Information. Please Read!

Important UDB News, Update and Information. Please Read!   29/12/2014

Hi {fname}
Just a quick update and note to say 'Happy Holiday' and wish you every success in 2015.
As a thank you for joining UltimateDownlineBuilder.net I want you to log-in here, take up my offer at ALL 4 of my TAEs as seen in the Top Spot of the Downline Builder and as an added bonus use promo code HappyHoliday at each site to collect another 500,000 points to use to purchase advertising.
Now for the update...
We added some extra features here over the last few days...
When you go to your 'Stats' page now you will see your Sponsor's Name. You can right click it and copy their email address to keep in touch.
Also, when you click on 'view downline' you will get your direct referrals contact details too.
In addition to this, a basic text Downline Mailer that goes down 5 levels of your downline has been installed.
I have also had a Category Mod added where I can separate the categories of the DownlineBuilder.
This should make navigation of each category easier and prevent endless scrolling.
The categories will be... 
UltimateDownlineBuilder Programs:- where our Partner Programs are already listed.
Sponsor Programs:- where your sponsor's recommended programs and your own programs will be displayed.
Recommended Advertising Resources:- Where I will be adding one or two popular and responsive advertising sites.
And finally Admin Offers:- where I will be moving my own TAEs offers to, and also be contacting fellow admins for some special promo codes just for you, and add them in here.
Nothing to worry about, but there was a problem with the ID updater, I contacted the programmer and this issue has now been resolved.
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who reported this issue.
 Please continue to let me know if you find any faults or have any problems.
There is still so much more to come, but it may take time.
I want to make UDB the hottest builder program around and give it's members so much value for their $15 upgrade cost (this goes up to $21 today at 12pm EST, so if you're thinking about upgrading you might want to do it now).
As you know ALL programs within UDB are connected with The7DaySuccessPlan and/or one or more of it's recommended/inclusive business'.
What I want more than ever is to help ALL members to become a part of 7Day and give you the best possible resources to help you succeed there.
 7Day is FREE to join and look around, so if you are NOT already a member why not check out what it has to offer?
Make sure the ID in the updater matches that of your sponsor, if not make sure you contact them with your intent to join, (as mentioned earlier you can now get your sponsor's contact details by right clicking over their name in 'Stats' and selecting copy email address and pasting it into your email composer.)
So there you have it.
I hope you enjoy clicking around to see how everything works.
I'll be adding, moving and updating all the time so make sure you log in often to check things out.

Just 2 things before I go...
1) Please DO NOT submit ANY advertisements for our 'Partner Programs' (the programs within the downline builder). They WILL NOT be approved.
If you're unsure what to promote here, may I suggest 'any advertising sites'. We ALL need advertising and that's a great area to get referrals in and earn some quick and easy cash.

2) Make sure you replace your referral ID with {affiliateid} when adding your own programs to the builder. Failure to do this will effect the updater and so your program WILL be deleted.
will become...

There is a video in the 'Add/Edit New Programs' area, if you are NOT sure, WATCH IT!

And that's where we'll leave it for now.
Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year.
May God bless you!
Kymm Reynolds.
 P.S.  If you are no longer marketing or wish to be removed, you can unsubscribe below or reply REMOVE ME and I will delete your account for you.
You are more than welcome to rejoin anytime if you change your mind.
Thank you for reading.

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