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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Oh no! Not ANOTHER update. Yes it is. Please Read!

Oh no! Not ANOTHER update. Yes it is. Please Read!   12 Jan 2015

Hello again {fname}
we're becoming pretty good friends here now I hope.
If I'm mailing too often, please make sure you tell me.

In fact, if you think there's anything I'm doing wrong or want to ask any questions, maybe you have suggestions or comments. Reply back and let me know.

I can send out updates all day long, but if I'm doing something wrong (or right) I'll never know unless I get your feedback.

So without much more delay, here's where we're at...

PerpetualIncomeClub in partnership with CrazyAboutBanners are launching their Million Dollar Matrix within the next few days and to be a part of this you need to join PIC asap (this is FREE to do) so you can get ALL the information from Clinton Clark.

If your sponsor admin hasn't yet joined PIC, make sure you send them an URGENT message to do so as I'm sure ALL members here will want to be a part of this.

RealTimeAdBlast owner Kenny Lessing has extended his New Year Sale until Wednesday 14th January. Details on our Home Page.
If you can't afford the upgrade, don't worry too much.
Join and use promo code...
to get 1 banner ad and 1 traffic link FREE to ALL 86 TAEs with one click.

Why not use this FREE advertising to promote your UDB link and build your downlines here and in ALL the Partner Programs you are or become a member of.

Remember the member that refers member #1000 (just 33 away) will get a $20 bonus (or a FREE upgrade and your sponsor will get the FULL commission value too).
Every 100th members referrer will get $10 (or $10 discount off the upgrade cost) and every thousandth member will get the same deal as the #1000th member.

Now some bad news, sorry!
Nothing serious but I have a nasty flu virus which does not want to go away. I am struggling on, but things are taking a little longer than usual to get done.
Just little things, but it's the little things that count.
ie. I was late putting the price up today, almost missed an upgrade purchase (luckily I logged in to PayPal and saw it but was about 20 hours old which is NOT good), I can't focus on my UDB strategy blog that will help you get the most out of our Partner Programs with the least out of pocket expense etc, and it taking me forever to write this update.
My arms feel like lead and my fingers are stiff, I can't think straight, oh and I'm throwing a ball for one of my dogs as he needs more exercise than I can give him right now.
(I hope he doesn't wear a trench in my carpet, lol).

I deleted more of your programs than I approved again today.
Please add...
in place of your ID when submitting your own recommended programs. (COPY AND PASTE IT IF YOU NEED TO)
would be

If you do not do this the updater WILL NOT work and your referrals cannot add their IDs later.

Also why are so many of you adding existing partner programs?
Just add your ID to the builder unless you have a special offer for any of the programs already listed.

If you have any questions, PLEASE ask them.
Why waste your precious time adding things that are only going to be deleted over and over again.

I don't like doing it, but too many of you are making the same mistake for me to log in to each account individually and correct such simple errors.
I'm NOT doing that any more, sorry!

I know I have probably forgot something, but I'm sure I covered the main points and, unless 100s of you reply for me not to, it will keep for tomorrow's update.

I thank you for reading and being the most important part of UDB.
I love you all.
Kymm Reynolds.

P.S. As always, here's your get out clause...
If you are no longer marketing or don't want to be part of UDB at this time, please delete your account below, or reply back with REMOVE ME and I'll do it for you.
You are always more than welcome to come back at any time and we'll miss you while your gone.
Thank you.

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