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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Calling ALL free members. MUST read! Pro members too...

Calling ALL free members. MUST read! Pro members too...   24/02/2015

SENDING TO ALL MEMBERS: PRO members for information ONLY.

Hi {fname},
This is probably one of the hardest decisions I've had to make since taking over this site, but there are far too many inactive members in here (over 500 are longstanding members who joined here long before I bought the site who have probably moved on anyway).
Now I really need to do some weeding out.

On Sunday 1 March 2015, I'm setting the site to auto delete FREE members after 365 days.
I'm guessing if you haven't upgraded after a year, you're NOT active and have moved on too.

There is also a delete link at the bottom of this email if you want out NOW.
Just click it and confirm deletion.
You can always rejoin again later if you change your mind.

I really hate doing this, but feel it necessary in order for UDB to grow.

So I want to give you one last incentive and chance to upgrade here.

When you upgrade here, you get a million of each banner and text ad credits, double the value of Bonus' plus many more extras worth $1000s

We already have a reduced upgrade in place for $29, saving you $20 until Sunday.
I've also decided that I will give you another month to take advantage of a reduced upgrade, so will only put the price up to $34 increasing weekly by $5 until it reaches the FULL $49 lifetime PRO upgrade cost.

PRO members will still get the FULL price commission of $24.50 and FREE members will get 25% commissions to use towards their upgrades.

Getting 3 PRO referrals and using your commissions will also get you a further 25% off your upgrade cost, so get your links out there and bring new members in.
Again PRO members will still receive their FULL $24.50 commissions.

ALL discounts and reductions are on me. NO member will ever lose out on commissions because of decisions I make.

I also want to help those of you that still cannot afford that, so EVERYONE that upgrades here will also get a FREE $10 PAID LINK that members can click to earn or reduce their upgrade costs.

Read this page of my blog to see how you can start earning for very little (possibly no) out of pocket expense...

I also help you promote your link until you get 3 PRO referrals and even place members coming in without sponsors prior to upgrading.
This is done ONLY on a mutual agreement between myself and the upgrading member if they DO NOT know and cannot trace their original sponsor.
Wherever possible I re-unite referral and original sponsor.

There are tons of promotional tools available and if you check out the Recommended Advertising resources, Other Resources and Admin Offers categories
Log in now and check them out.
Here are your details:-
username   {username}
password   {password}
sponsor   {sponsor}

You will find plenty of ad sites and resources you can use.
Banner Pillar and Viral Banner Ad Co-op have just been added.

ALL have a FREE option (so do many of our Partner Programs) so make sure you join them ALL to get your freebies etc and most importantly return to the builder and ad your IDs.
Check your sponsor {sponsor} has added their ID before joining anything new.

Don't have a sponsor?
Contact me asap so you can be re-united with them or assigned one.

If all that doesn't encourage you to think about upgrading, nothing ever will, so I'll say my goodbyes now.
Just click the link below and delete your account.

Still here?

You now have 12 months from Monday to think about it and start earning here before your account auto deletes.
Feel free to contact me at any time if you want to discuss your account or have any problems whatsoever.

Thanks for reading
Kymm Reynolds.

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