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Thursday, 12 February 2015

WidgetQuik Added. Please Read!

WidgetQuik Added. Please Read!   13 Feb 2015

Hi {fname}
As usual this is going out to you 'upgraded members' with 24-48 hours notice before I resend to all members.

I just added WidgetQuik, which I know many of you are already members through 7Day, to our 'Other Resources' category.
Make sure you log in here and add your IDs so your TEAM can follow you in.

If you're not a member already, check your sponsor {sponsor} has added their ID before you join and don't be afraid to contact them if they haven't (right click on their name in 'Stats' and copy email address to your gmail composer) then when you do join, make sure you add your ID so your referrals can follow you in too. 

As always there is a FREE option, you can access most of the products including my favourite TwitterWidget (which alone is worth more than double the upgrade cost here and you get it FREE) plus you can earn commissions (12.5% or $1p/m per PRO referral).

If you are ready to upgrade, make sure you take Mark Rosen up on his VERY generous offer just for UDB members...

Your first month is just $3.95 ($7.95 monthly thereafter) then contact Mark via support with your WQ username, mention you came from UltimateDownlineBuilder and he'll add (are you ready to be WOWed) 15,000 SurfWidget credits to your account FREE.

SurfWidget is an ad exchange that works like a traffic, banner and text exchange all in one, so these credits are highly valuable and he's giving you 15K of them if/when you choose to upgrade.

Not only that, remember as an upgraded member you get 50% or $4p/m per PRO referral commission. So just 2 and yours is FREE.
I'm helping every PRO member to get 3 PRO referrals here which should more than cover any of the program requirements within our builder, meaning eventually everything here will be FREE and we will ALL start seeing an income building soon thereafter.

I'm ONLY ever going to add quality, affordable and profitable resources here which are longstanding with reputable admins/owners, and just like our Partner Programs they are permanent.

You're purchasing the products, any commissions earned are just a bonus.
Quoting Dennis Bayne from the RM4RP training resource which can also be found in our 'Other Resources' category. If you haven't already, check RealMarketing4RealPeople out while you are in there. You get so much for your one-time $10 and the pay plan is amazing.

I know it's getting long again, so I'll leave it there, but if you want to recap on my earlier mails go along to my blog as I've added them there.
NO I haven't got any content there as yet, but will get on to it as soon as I get a few hours. I lost everything a few weeks ago and need to start again from scratch.

Here's the link, subscribe via email and you will get notified every time I add anything.

Thank you for reading.
Kymm Reynolds.

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