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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Last chance to get your $10 upgrade, Please Read!

Last chance to get your $10 upgrade, Please Read!   22/12/2014

Okay {fname}, this is your last chance to upgrade here for just $10.
From 12pm EST tomorrow (Monday 22nd December) the price will be going up to $15 and rise gradually by $6 EVERY Monday until It reaches the FULL price of $49 on February 1st, 2015.
I'll put a memo on the Home Page with the details after I put the price up tomorrow.
You might be asking...
What do I get for my 
The answer is probably TOO MUCH!
First of ALL, you get what you are actually paying for which is...
1)  A lifetime PRO membership here at UltimateDownlineBuilder.net where you can build no less than 11 TOP Permenant and Interlinked Online Business' aswell as 5 more of your own personal favourites, using just 1 link.
2)  1 MILLION Text Ad Credits and MILLION Side Banner Ad Credits, that you can use to promote anything other than the Partner Programs to our entire membership of almost 900 members and growing.
3)  $128 worth of upgrades and advertising through the sites bonus area links which generally come as standard with this kind of program.
Now here you WILL also be getting...
SJV upgrades at my 4 existing TAEs with a PowerBoostSuperSoloAd at each PLUS you will get the same at ALL my subsequent TAEs as I launch them throughout the New Year and beyond.
You will get FIRST ACCESS, upgrades and bonus ad packages to my new 8-in-1 mailer site I am creating right now which hopefully will be added here for our launch date 1st February, 2015
(I know that's a month later than expected, but it gives us time to grow and improve our facilities here).
I am also adding things all the time to this site for your use, giving your membership here more and more value.

I will be approaching fellow Ad Exchange Admins and Program Owners to add bonus' and resources for our members who wish to join them too.

And last but definitely NOT least, I personally will promote ALL upgraded members links until they have 3 PRO referrals here too.
As our membership grows, I will ask those who have or more PRO referrals here to help me promote This Rotator, to help their TEAMs continue to grow too.

So NOW tell me ALL this isn't worth a measly $10. I bet I could sell this for 10 times that and still give value for money.
If you can't afford the $10, get out there and find yourself 3 referrals who CAN and I'll happily trade your $7.50 (or whatever) commissions for an upgrade.
Even if the price is then $49 and I'll still give your Sponsor the FULL 50% commission.
That's my promise and token of my dedication to UDB and our members.
Thanks for reading!
Now get upgraded and let's build this while the price is so low.
We have 6 weeks from today to build this and the prices are rising EVERY Monday so there's no time to lose.
I look forward to serving you.
Kymm Reynolds.
P.S.  If you are no longer marketing or wish to be removed, you can unsubscribe below or reply REMOVE ME and I will delete your account for you.You are more than welcome to rejoin anytime if you change your mind.

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