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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Upgrade and get a FREE 468x60 BannerAd worth up to $200 FREE!

Upgrade and get a FREE 468x60 BannerAd worth up to $200 FREE!   7 Jan

Hi {fname}
I really want to help you find value in upgrading here at UDB.
The price is rising weekly until it reaches it's $49 Lifetime Price Tag.
At the moment it is just $27.

I want you to take advantage of this offer asap, both to save you money and allow you to access ALL bonus' and incentives etc that come with it.

As a PRO member you can add 5 programs of your choice to the builder, you get 1 million side ad banner credits and 1 million text ad credits which should last you a long, long time.

Plus, I will personally promote your link until you have 3 PRO referrals. Eventually I'll be adding an ad co-op system too and will be promoting heavily once I get everything up and running here.
Please though don't rely solely on me getting you ALL 3 that will never happen.

On top of that you will get FREE upgrades, advertising and credits at ALL 4 of my ad sites and any sites I will be adding later.

Also, I'll be working hard to get you valuable advertising, tools and resources from fellow admins and program owners.

The price tag may stick once it reaches $49, but it's value will keep rising month after month, year after year.

The more successful this site becomes, the more others will want to play a part in it, and so the more they will offer us.

That is the plan here, anyway and I really want you Kymm to play a part in it.

So as an added bonus until Monday 12 January at noon EST when the price rises to $33 I will also give you a full size 468x60 banner ad that displays on ALL pages of the builder for FREE.
Top Banner Rotations are the most popular and of greater value (up to $200), but that being said the Bottom Rotation Banners have fewer numbers and where does everyone scroll down to when flicking through our site?

All you have to do is...
Go to Upgrade Account
Pay your lifetime PRO membership of just $27
Go to Advertising in the TOP NAV BAR,
Add your banner (no partner programs please),
submit, but don't pay and I'll approve it.
Do this right away so I can check payment IDs against ad IDs to make things easier for me.
Adding banners later could result in them being deleted and I don't want you to lose out.

Once you are upgraded, log-in and add your programs and advertising etc and take up ALL my offers.
Your link gets added to my rotator upon receipt of payment, you do NOT need to send it to me.

So that's all for tonight.
I look forward to working with you.
Good night God bless.
Kymm Reynolds.
P.S. If you are no longer marketing, or DO NOT want to be part of this builder program, please click the link below and delete your account, or reply to this message with REMOVE ME and I'll do it for you.
You are always welcome to return later should you change your mind.

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