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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Upgrade prices reduced, update and important information. Please Read!

Upgrade prices reduced, update and important information. Please Read!   19/12/2014

Hi {fname}
I just want you to know that I am still working behind the scenes here setting everything up for UDBs launch next month.
I'm so glad many of you are becoming more active here now.
Seeing my members earning and their downlines growing just makes me smile.
I have a really good feeling 2015 will be our year to shine.
Here's to our success! 

PLEASE, if you're NOT planning on becoming active anytime soon there IS a delete link at the bottom of this mail, or you can reply REMOVE ME and I'll willingly delete your account for you.
It's NOT that I don't want you here, I DO, but if you don't want to be a part of everything I have planned here you might as well move on.
No hard feelings and you're welcome back at anytime should you change your mind.

I will be writing a blog over the next week or so how to get the most out of UDB.
And YES, the focus may well be on taking me up on ALL my advertising bonus'
They're FREE, you get another money making site or two in your portfolio to grow on auto-pilot while simply promoting your UDB link and...
...How else will you succeed if you don't advertise? So hey, YES you need it too.

I might even throw in a few tips on how to promote, which programs to start with etc.
As soon as I get round to it, I'll mail and let you know.
Make sure you like, share and more importantly subscribe so you can keep in touch with things as they happen.

ALL my efforts are on your behalf. The ONLY link I promote publically will be my rotator, and that has ALL PRO members with less than 3 PRO referrals links on it.Members that choose to help promote this link after they get 3 PRO referrals will remain on there too.

Going PRO is an absolute MUST here.
Upgrade here you get FREE upgrades at ALL my sites present and in the future.
Keep on reading if you like a BARGAIN...

Okay here's another little incentive for more of you to go PRO...
because we are running a little behind and even more so for the upgrade success rate we had in pre-re-launch, I am again reducing the PRO upgrade price.

Make sure you make note or copy this info to use in your promotions...

From NOW until noon on Monday 22 December, a PRO membership will be just $10.

On Monday and every Monday until February the price will increase by $5-$6 a week...
Get it for $10 NOW until Monday.
Get it for $15 for 1 week commencing noon, Monday 22nd December.
Get it for $21 for 1 week commencing noon, Monday 29th December.
Get it for $27 for 1 week commencing noon, Monday 5th January.
Get it for $33 for 1 week commencing noon, Monday 12th January.
Get it for $39 for 1 week commencing noon, Monday 19th January.
Get it for $45 for 1 week commencing noon, Monday 26th January.
The price will then go up to the FULL price of $49 on Sunday February 1st.

YES, I know that's a whole month later than anticipated for declaring UDB fully launched, but believe me, it WILL be worth the wait.
There's so much more to come!.
Watch this space!

Now for a few reminders...
PLEASE DO NOT post any ads for our 'Partner Programs'. They WILL NOT be approved.
Members can ONLY join these programs through their UDB sponsor through the Downline Builder.
When adding your own programs to the builder make sure you DO NOT add your own ID.
use the whole word complete with brackets.
Copy and paste it in place of your 
There is a video inside the builder area explaining this too.

Once approved you will get a notification and can then log back in and update with your ID, and your referrals can then do the same and build your TEAM downward.
CANNOT edit these in the admin area, so my only option is to DELETE any programs not added correctly.

That's all for now.
Wishing you health, wealth and happiness.
Kymm Reynolds.

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