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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Half an 'hour and we are go. Please Read!

Half an 'hour and we are go. Please Read!   01/12/2014

Hello again {fname} 
Just about half-an-'our to go so this might be my last update before we go into re-launch.
I have set up my rotator for ALL pre-re-launch PRO members and sent out a massive solo ad blast as well as setting up log-in ads, 468 and 125 bannerstraffic linkshot linksset-n-forget solos for up to 52 weeks and as many network/supersolo ads as I have in my massive stockpile.
I will continue to do this daily throughout December.
I am NOT promoting solely for myself although my link is on the rotator too.
If you want to get on this rotator all you have to do is upgrade before the day is out.
After 00:00 Central Time no more urls will be added.
The advertising to 100s of sites with 100,000s of members is yours forever, hopefully bringing in random referrals for a very long time to come.
The maximum will only ever be 100 so you will get your link seen, and yes I will still promote it in the New Year too.
Here's the rotator link from AIOP and tracked via TW because that's how we roll here. 
Click it to see who is on there and/or feel free to help me promote it too.
That's my THANK YOU to you for all your support and faith in me and my site from the beginning.
Will get back to you later.
Happy posting.
Kymm Reynolds.

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