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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Good News! Update and Info. Please Read! This is a long one SORRY!

Good News! Update and Info. Please Read! This is a long one SORRY!   31 Jan 2015

Hi Guys,
First the GOOD NEWS!
We have our first $20 bonus winner.
John Matthews (jmatt), you referred our 1000th member.
Please send me your PayPal email address and I'll get your cash to you asap.

Many more prizes are to be won here.
$10 for every 100th member's sponsor and $20 for every 1000th member's sponsor.
Just keep on promoting and the next winner could be YOU!
Not only that, but you will be building your TEAM here and in our Partner Programs etc.
AND you earn up to $24.50 for every referral upgrade here.
What are you waiting for?
Get your links out there and new members in here.
Actually, you can finish reading this mail first. Then get promoting, lol.

Now for the OTHER news. (I hate BAD news, lol)
Sorry I haven't been in touch with you lately, I've been having a BAD couple of weeks, lol.

Well maybe it's not that funny, just as I start to feel better and get back to work, my computer starts playing up.
I tend to work on a million things at the same time leaving several tabs open and flick in and out. So there I was updating my blog, editing pages etc and boom, my computer decided to do some memory overload dump thing and I lost EVERYTHING. Why didn't anyone tell me that it doesn't autosave when you edit it unless you revert back to draft.

Several hours over 3 days just wiped out. The reason I'm writing to you now is because it just did the same thing again which is when I realised how pages of work can just disappear. Once is a mistake, twice is just plain stupidity. How dumb am I?
Hopefully I can get things back on track in time for our official launch date (SUNDAY AARGH!),

As for my new site, it hasn't even been born yet, which I really wanted to have included by now.
So many problems with it, my plan might not work, the creator is confident he can do what I want, but wont put his name to it because he hates my idea, sees it as pointless, and basically thinks I'm wasting my time and money.

My host feels the same and possibly wont like the 7 sub-domains incorporated into one site set up. Basically it's 8 sites in one and I'm only paying for one hosting plan, lol. He told me to give up and use the domain on a different (I think he means traditional and boring) site.

So anyway, here's the plan...
From Sunday and running right the way through February I'm going to do a 'Launch Upgrade Special' for just $29 AND...
...so my PRO members don't lose any money I will still pay out the Full price commission of $24.50, that's the best I can do and hope you ALL can forgive me for getting so far behind with everything.
Actually I know you will from all the great contacts we've had.
You guys really are the BEST!!!

I WILL get my site up and running at some point, but without it I feel that the $49 Lifetime Pro Upgrade here (although great value on it's own) needs something in place to get EVERYONE upgrading and building here.
I'm hoping for now that this price drop will cover it and buy me a little more time to add real value here.

I'm in negotiations with several admins to get you some incentives to join their sites and am looking into adding much more to your membership package too.

While I remember, here's my shortlist of Recommended Advertising Resources I promised you.
If you have any reason (other than personal grievances) why any of these should NOT be added let me know asap.
These will (upon your approval) be added one by one in this order so you can take your time checking each one out for a few days before moving on to the next one...

RealTimeAdBlast-  Already added! The only link here is that one of my sites is a members site here, but yes EVERYONE needs to join this even if just as a FREE member to take advantage of the FREE ads given us via the Promo Code/s provided to us.

EmailHog:- is next on the list, just because of the FREE member option, active member rewards offered, the quality of the service provided and responsiveness of members and click through rates etc. Also a recommended resource at 7Day and others.

RealMarketing4RealPeople. video training and marketing tools with a 2-up payplan exactly like CashInOnBanners and a resource within CIOB too.

WidgetQuik:- more marketing resources plus the auto tweet facility which I personally love. Again linked through 7Day and others.

Promotion Magnet, much the same as RTAB but members get some FREE ads each month automatically, and it has really low upgrade options which are great for those just starting out, plus like RTAB still offers a lifetime upgrade option too which many of us seem to prefer. The link here is the same as RTAB, I own a member site.

GFA-Sites which simply has the lowest priced, bulk buy supers out there with a 27 super solo for $5 log-in offer and a whopping 75% commissions for upgraded members.
NO link whatsoever, but hopefully one exception to the rule will be allowed, or can add it as and Admin Offer as it comes with a promo code for 9 FREE supers.

Also one last one that I just realised EVERYONE should use as I do daily.
MillionLeadsForFree:-  don't bother with upgrades etc here, simply read 10 ads to post to 5000 every day. No link to anything whatsoever, just a plain and simple great site for promoting your business'/UDB. If I don't get any negative feedback on this over the weekend I'll get this added asap along with Email Hog which I know most of you are members of already anyway.
BTW, I'll be sending back any advertising for Ad Resources as I add them.
I just think it fairer that these few sites should have the same grounds applied to them as our Partner Programs and should be follow your sponsor only sites too.
I hope you understand.

As compensation for those of you that have already upgraded, even if you didn't pay more than the Launch Special price, here's a bonus just for you.
I have set up a second rotator containing ALL the links of upgraded members (even those that already have 3 or more PRO referrals, and added it to my MAIN rotator. EVERY member who's upgraded here before Sunday will get their link added FOR LIFE no matter how many referrals they have.

PRO members, you are already on there so please don't send any supports just check the link yourself...

This is in addition to the rotator placement you get until you have 3 PRO referrals which can be seen on here....

ALL PRO members are added upon upgrade to the original rotator until they get 3 PRO referrals and are getting on average 25-30 clicks a day but this will soon increase with the amount of advertising I've been putting out and will continue doing so forever. The aim is to get everyone up to 100 clicks a day by March.

I will also be sending out several lifetime ad types (ie banners, traffic links etc) just for this second rotator too.
If you want to send me a tracking link to replace your referral link you can.

I would love for you to see the exposure I get you for your link.
I'm not saying it will be fantastic, but even 10 extra clicks a day could build your TEAM over time, and you can get this and more for life for just $49 or less (right now we're at $45 for your lifetime PRO upgrade).

I'm also giving ALL upgraded members 1 FREE link ad here (200 hits without bold or highlighting only please). If you have already upgraded here you can go to Advertising in the TOP Nav Bar and add yours now!
Remember NO promoting our Partner Programs or Ad Resources onsite or your ad will be deleted!
Not only does this fill the advertising page for me, it also helps members earn money here which they can trade along with any referral commissions to upgrade at a discounted price.

This bonus is ONLY for members who upgrade/have already upgraded before Sunday, if you wait and take the Launch Special to save $20, you will not get the lifetime advertising or FREE link ad offers.

So, there you have it.
Sorry it was such a long one, I'll try and keep them shorter and more frequent in future.
Take care and speak soon.
Kymm Reynolds.
P.S. Here's the usual get out of UDB now card...
If you are NOT interested in hearing from me or participating with us here, please go ahead and delete your account below. Or reply REMOVE ME and I'll do it for you.
No hard feelings and all that. We'll miss you and you're welcome back at any time.
I wish you all the very best.

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