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Ultimate Downline Builder.
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

UDB is officially launched! Thank you for being a part of it! Please Read!

UDB is officially launched! Thank you for being a part of it! Please Read!   1 Feb 2015

Hi {fname}
I just want to thank you personally for being a big part of the success UDB is having.

As a pre-launch upgraded member here at UDB I want to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

Right now is the time for you to log-in, check ALL your links are updated, claim ALL offers, post your ads and add your own recommended programs to the builder.
Your sponsor is {sponsor}, out of courtesy, please check they have joined any program/s you are interested in joining, ahead of you and added their ID. You can find their contact details in 'Stats'.

If you have read my previous mails, you will know that I am promoting your UDB referral link within 2 rotators.
The first rotator ONLY promotes for those of you that have less than 3 PRO referrals BUT the second that is contained within the first is for ALL pre-launched PRO members like you.

There will only ever be the 163 prelaunch upgraded member links within the second rotator and they will remain in there for LIFE hopefully generating occasional random referrals forever.

I will continue to promote both rotators to build the click rates to each link up to a decent amount but please DO NOT rely on me getting referrals for you. I can guarantee NOTHING.
This is YOUR business and YOU have to put in the majority of effort to build it.
All I can do is help you along the way and am here if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.

Make sure you use the {affiliateid} tag in place of your ID when adding your own programs to the builder, this way your referrals can update the builder with their own ID too.
The builder does only go one level right now, but may go down more levels in the future so I want to make sure everything is set up correctly in the first place as it will be harder to implement it later.
The only other thing you need to remember is that NO Partner Program or now Ad Resource promotions are allowed onsite. I will be going through the database tomorrow and removing any ads for our 'new resources' already placed and will NOT approve any ads for these sites EVER.
If you want to join, you can join via the builder under your sponsor ONLY

As an upgraded member you will get 24 hours advance notice on any additions to UDB in the future. I intend to add ONLY beneficial and valuable resources ever and rest assured NOTHING will ever be added on a whim or without prior warning.
Once added any program or resource is intended to be permanent.

Here's your advance notice on EmailHog and MillionLeadsForFree which are being added to our Recommended Advertising Resources shortly.
As soon as you have finished reading this email, log in to UltimateDownlineBuilder.net and add your IDs.
FREE members will be notified of these additions tomorrow.

For future reference, please log in regularly on a Wednesday and Sunday as these are the days I intend on adding the other resources on my list I sent you in Friday's update.
I will also be adding many Admin Offers as and when I can, so be sure to check out that category often too and claim your bonus'.

And now for the BEST news.
Due to the fact I haven't added the value I wanted to UDB by now I'm offering a Special Offer Launch Upgrade Discount of $20 which will run from NOW right throughout February.
During February your referrals can upgrade here for just $29. This is designed to convert more of your FREE referrals and help with your promotional efforts, please use it to your advantage over the next month.

I'm sorry if your upgrade cost was more than $29, I expected to have more bonus' and incentives added by now, but as consolation you get your link promoted FREE for life and can add a Paid Link (200 views without bold or highlighting only). Go to 'Advertising' in the Top Nav to set up. Also, take advantage of any offers already added and in the future.

PLUS even though I have reduced the upgrade cost until March when hopefully the value of your membership here will be greatly increased, you will get the FULL price commission value of $24.50 for every upgraded member you refer.

Again I want to thank you for making the UDB relaunch such a successful one.
Long may it continue to grow and create prosperity to EVERYONE h

Any questions, suggestions or problems, as always just let me know.
I wish you every success.
Kymm Reynolds.

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