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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Don't leave money on the table. Update your IDs! VBAC and BannerPillar added.

Don't leave money on the table. Update your IDs! VBAC and BannerPillar added.  23 February, 2015


Hi ~fname~

Have you logged in recently and posted your ads?
Have you submitted your programs? (using the {affiliateid} tag in place of your ID/username)
Did you remember to update the builder categories with your IDs/usernames? (just your ID/username is required to update the builder)
If not do it NOW!

Did you know that I'm also promoting your links for you until you get 3 PRO referrals.
Send me your cloaked/tracked UDB link if you want to see your stats.

Obviously I can't get everyone 3, myself, so you do need to promote your link too.
That's why I added the 'Recommended Advertising Resources' category.

You can also find a couple of other tools in our 'Other Resources' category and I'm adding some pretty worthwhile offers from other admins you might want to check out in our 'Admin Offers' category. (check this out at least once a week as I will be adding these offers as and when I get them).

All of the ad and resource sites have a FREE option wIth earning potential, so you should join them ALL, add your IDs to the builder, and use the FREE advertising you get to promote your UDB link.

Last chance on this...
If you want to take up the GOLD upgrade option over at RealTimeAdBlast, you might want to do it today for just $59.95.
Tomorrow the price goes back up to $99.95 and will rocket up to $199.95 on March 1st.
DO NOT miss out on this once in a lifetime offer.

Even if you don't upgrade, make sure you join.
You get NO solo ads to your inbox (just admin updates and offers), can earn 20% commissions, and even get some FREE 1click/submit ads to post to 88 member sites using the listed promo code. (you might even find PCs in Kenny's mails and rest assured that I will let you know if I find any too.

2 more resource sites have just been added here today...
Viral Banner Ad Co-op come to UDB members with some awesome bonus'.
Get 500 + 2500 banner credits using the 2 promo codes listed in the details
DO NOT take the OTO when you join, instead use the link in the program details after you log in (you MUST be logged in to see it).
You can get a lifetime GOLD upgrade for the price of the annual subscription and $20 less than the current OTO.

Also check out Banner Pillar in our 'Other Resources'.
I just love this site. You can edit/change your banners everywhere just using this site.
No more logging in to 100s of sites to update your broken banner links or images. You can do it all from here, plus your banners display on site too using the banner rotator option.
How cool is that?

I know I've babbled on too much again, but please log in and make sure you have EVERYTHING in place and updated, grab your link to build your TEAMs in ALL our programs and resource sites.

Here are your details:-
username   {username}
password   {password}
sponsor   {sponsor}

Thanks for reading.
Here's to success.
Kymm Reynolds.

P.S. Did you know the Referral Mailer here goes down 5 levels here?
You might want to send a message to your downline after adding your IDs to let them know, and maybe you could offer them support, and/or encourage them to upgrade or log in and check out your sites.
If you/they need some more information and keep up to date with what's going on here, check out my new blog...

I post all updates on there and have added a couple of info pages, subscribe to get notifications as and when I update.


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