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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Update and Important UDB News and Information. Please Read!

Update and Important UDB News and Information. Please Read!   06/12/2014

Hi {fname}
I just want you to know that the re-launch is going really well and thank you for your support and patience.
We are now on just over 800 members (that's 800 pairs of eyes on your ads so make sure you add them).
I have just added a new set of banners for you to use in your promotions and a second new set will be added once Terah Logan has finished them.
Thank you Terah, your designs are amazing.
If you haven't yet upgraded and wish to do so, make sure you do so before 1/1/15 when the price goes up to $49 lifetime.
You can upgrade until then for just 
$25 and earn 50% commissions. FREE members earn 25% but MUST upgrade before they can cash out.
ALL upgraded members are added to my own personal rotator and I will promote your link until you have 3 PRO members within UDB.
A lot of FREE bonus advertising for your $25 lifetime upgrade cost
If you are stuck for cash, simply refer 3 PRO members into UDB and exchange your commissions for upgrade at 25%discount (that's just $18.75 from your commissions balance).
We reward activity here at UDB and this is just one way we show our appreciation. Your sponsor WILL still get their FULL commission amount.
If you already have 3 PRO members and want to help promote this rotator please feel free to do so.
Let me know you are helping to promote and send me just 1 proof (forward a solo ad to me containing 
this link or a subject line you use so I can keep an eye out for it when viewing and approving ads). Your link WILL of course remain on the rotator too as a thank you.
There are a couple of solo ads pre-written here in the Promotional Center if you want to use them.
Oh yeah...
DO NOT add promotions for any of our 'Partner Programs', they WILL NOT be approved.
If you have a special offer for your own personal referrals for one of the 'Partner Programs' (ie PIF or rewards for joining) you CAN add it in your OWN program list, otherwise please don't waste your OWN program/s adding the 'Partner Programs' simply add your ID to the builder section.
When adding your OWN programs to the downline builder make sure you use {affiliateid} in place of your ID or the referral ID updater WILL NOT work and you could lose potential referrals.
One last thing...
I have noticed many of you are promoting DSDomination so it is with 
GREAT pleasure I will be adding it to the builder here today.
Make sure you log in and update your 
If you are NOT already a member of DSD and want to join PLEASE wait a day or two before joining to give your sponsor {sponsor} chance to join/add their ID.
Check the username matches your sponsor before you join!
A downline builder is NO use if you DO NOT follow your sponsor.
If your sponsor does NOT add their ID within a few days you can assume they have NO interest in joining and go ahead.
Thank you for reading.
Any problems, suggestions or questions reply to this mail and let me know.
Kymm Reynolds.
P.S.  If you are no longer marketing or wish to be removed, you can unsubscribe below or reply REMOVE ME and I will delete your account.
You are more than welcome to rejoin anytime if you change your mind.

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