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Thursday, 12 February 2015

New Admin Introduction and Important Information about your UDB account. Please Read! 19/11/2014

New Admin Introduction and Important Information about your UDB account. Please Read!   19/11/2014

Hi there 
Just a quick introduction and some important information about your UltimateDownlineBuilder (UDB) account. 

My name is Kymm Reynolds aka kymmandco. I have recently purchased UDB from Bruno Mantle and am in the process of taking over as admin. 
May we thank Bruno for taking care of this site since Denise Hayes retirement from MLM last year and wish them both well in their respective new ventures. 

Back to UDB... 
YES, I will be making some changes, but ultimately this will be the same builder site with the same objectives. 
I'm changing the $25 a year subscription to a Lifetime Membership with 50% commissions for pro members and 25% commissions for free members. 

For existing members and new members brought in during the re-launch up to 1,000 members (we are at 760 members right now) or 1/1/15 whichever comes first the PRO upgrade will be set at just $10 lifetime and then back up to $25 until we reach 2,000 members. 
After 2,000 members this will raise again to $49 which I feel would be an adequate amount for a lifetime membership for this program type. 

I will be adding lots of bonus' and incentives to upgrade to PRO here over the next few weeks too, starting with FREE SJV memberships at my 4 soon to be 5 (+7 more during 2015, making it 12 SJV upgrades in total). Each one comes with 1 million points and a SuperSolo. Free members will just get the 1 million points. 
You get all this for a one-time $10 right now, and I'm sure new members coming in will see this as GREAT value for their $25 and later $49 PRO membership here. 

The more attractive I make the PRO upgrade the more money YOU stand to earn with 50% commissions and referrals into YOUR programs too. 
ALL my sites will be listed as one of UDBs programs so your referrals here will follow you at each site aswell. 

I ask you to please log-in to your account over the next few days/weeks to keep up with the changes I will be making here, but PLEASE don't join any program in the members area yet, they might get dropped and others added. 

HINT:- PRO members will get the go ahead 48 hours before we are ready to relaunch so they can join and get their own programs added and approved and their IDs updated. 
Feel free to upgrade PRO now and join the 'Bonus Advertising' sites for your FREE SJV, SuperSolo and/or 1 million points bonus' 

Remember DO NOT join any of the other programs just yet. Also, when you do join, check that you join under your UDB sponsor. Their IDs are in the update programs area. I don't want any of you losing out on referrals, okay. 
The default ID is 'kymmandco', that's me. If you didn't join UDB under me then PLEASE contact me for your sponsor's details before joining. Unless you have a large downline and might lose out otherwise, waiting 24-48 hours for your sponsor to reply wont hurt anyone. 

Your log-in details are... 
You joined under ??? on ???

I will be in touch again to keep you up to date with developments. 
Please keep a look out for my emails. 

I thank you in advance for your patience and support and look forward to serving you. 
Kindest Regards. 
Kymm Reynolds. 

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