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Thursday, 12 February 2015

RealTimeAdBlast Added to Recommended Advertising Resources, Please Read!

RealTimeAdBlast Added to Recommended Advertising Resources, Please Read!  7 Jan 2015

Hi {fname}Just a quick memo to let you know that I have added RealTimeAdBlast as the FIRST Recommended Advertising Resource here at UDB.

Please take a look at it, give me feedback, and make sure your sponsor joins before you do so they don't lose out on commissions if you decide to upgrade.

Right now Kenny Lessing Jr. has a special offer that's simply too good to refuse.
You can go GOLD for just $59.95 saving more than 50% on his opening price and $340 on the regular upgrade cost.

As a GOLD member you'll earn 50% commissions, and even as a FREE member you get 20% so it's worth joining for FREE and spreading the word about this offer to bring in some easy money.

Here's what to do...
Log in here at UltimateDownlineBuilder.net using your
Username and Password 

Go to Recommended Advertising Resources check {sponsor} is listed as the sponsor in the builder (if not go to the 'Stats' page, get their contact address and mail them with a catchy subject line like...
'I want to join so you need to stay ahead')
As soon as you are happy with your sponsor, go ahead and join.
Whether you upgrade or remain FREE is up to you, you get 'NO MAILS' other than admin offers, so can use your contact email address.
I've NEVER seen an offer like this EVER for an Ad-Blaster site, to be honest you're lucky to get a lifetime upgrade at one of these sites at all, so if you can afford it grab it NOW!
Just 2 sales and you break even and Kenny pays instantly in most cases without the need to request payout.

While we are on the subject of payouts...
This script requires members to request payout before I can do so, so PLEASE, those of you that have commissions owing, request them asap so I can keep my accounts in order. Thank you!

So what's next?
I am putting together a list of advertising, resources and tools sites which I hope to get out to you all within the next few days for approval (or feedback of experiences good or bad).

Also if you know of any sites (NOT your own as your feedback would be biassed) that meet these criteria let me know...
Have a link to one or more of our Partner Programs and/or...
Has been around for over 2 years or for new sites must have a well known and trusted admin and at least 2 years left on the domain registry.
Has a FREE starter ads package or equivalent tool.
Has a FREE option that pays.
Has a minimum of 30% commissions for upgraded members.
Has reasonable/affordable upgrade costs and a lifetime option.
Has a NO MAIL option or member only mailer unless it's a Dedicated Super Solo Network site.

Please, please, DO NOT send me a million sites, I will be adding ONLY 10-15 ever and I already have a shortlist of 7 or 8 not including my own sites.

I know some of you know some AMAZING promotional sites that give you GREAT results.
Those are the ones I want here.
Maybe they are in my list already, new sites would have to be tested for a short period before I would even consider them.

One last thing...
Please, when adding your recommended programs use {affiliateid} in place of your username. I'm deleting more than I am approving lately, I'm aware that the video link has gone and will get onto creating a new one as soon as I get the chance, but it's really NOT that hard...
Where you would add your username or ID in a referral link, replace it with...
Copy and paste the entire above WITH brackets and use it in place of your ID or username, okay.
Then after ~I have approved it, you will get an email letting you know. Than you simply log back in and add your username/ID.
Any questions, let me know.

So that's all for now.
I hope you are looking forward to a happy and prosperous New Year ahead.
Take care and may God bless you.
Kymm Reynolds.
P.S. Remember I want your feedback on RTAB, I hope you like it.

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