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Thursday, 12 February 2015

RealTimeAdBlast Added to Recommended Advertising Resources, Please Read!

RealTimeAdBlast Added to Recommended Advertising Resources, Please Read!   6 Jan

Hi {fname}
This mail is for Upgraded (PRO) UDB members only.
I will resend to ALL members tomorrow.

I'll be real quick here and will get back to you over the next few days with a list of ad resources I'm looking to add to our builder.

You DO NOT have to join any of them, although I highly recommend you do even if it's just as a FREE member.

If you have had any experience with any of them good or bad, make sure you let me know, okay.

The same goes for any you want to recommend too.
I want ONLY responsive advertising sites with a FREE option that pays, and NO extortionate upgrade costs, and at least 30% commissions for upgraded members.
A 'NO MAIL' option too would be amazing.

Please wait for me to put together my own list and get it out to you before recommending any, chances are they could be on my list if they are recommended by our Partner Programs anyway.

So with that said...

I'm starting with just one that I've been using for a while, has a reputable admin, and has an offer on right now that's too good to refuse.
Which is why I'm adding it now before I have settled on my list.

Ad blasters I like, and will hopefully be adding a few of this type of resource mainly because they have a FREE option that pays, you get NO emails and they get your links out there a million times faster than traditional methods (I'm not saying these ad sites are more responsive than others, just that your link is seen by more people which is the best way to promote and collectively they get results.

This one is Kenny Lessing Jr's RealTimeAdBlast.
If you ARE a member, log-in asap and add your link, if you're NOT a member take a look at it and (if you want to) join (make sure your UDB sponsor's ID is showing) and then return to the builder to add your link.
If your sponsor's ID is NOT showing, contact them and ask if they want to join ahead of you.

If you have a downline, go to the mailer and tell them you have added your ID and they can now go to the 'ad resources' page and join too.

The mailer goes down 5 levels so please DO NOT add YOUR link in the mail. Instead ask them to to join under their own UDB sponsor through thebuilder.

Even FREE members earn 20% commissions at RTAB, so make sure everyone joins under their UDB sponsor.
NOT everyone can afford to upgrade straight away, but if they can earn through this, they will be more likely to upgrade eventually and hopefully do the same in more of YOUR business'.
Also you'll know they have a ton of advertising under their belt which hopefully they will use to grow your/their TEAM.


I apologise for the suddenness of this email, but I HAVE sent it out to PRO members ONLY, and will resend to ALL members tomorrow, so you have time to check it out first.

I also apologise for not making this email pretty, but I thought a quick plain text message would work well in this instance. I just hope it sends okay and doesn't end up looking like a compacted bunch of gobbledigook, lol.

Please fell free to let me know of it does and I'll add <br>ers next time.

Thanks for reading.
I hope your New Year is off to a good start and wish you every success throughout 2015.

Take care and God bless.
Kymm Reynolds.

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