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Ultimate Downline Builder.
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Upgrade here this week ONLY for just $15. Get 4 SJV Upgrades and 4 PowerBoostSuperSolos at my 4 TAEs and you can have a FREE link Ad here too.

Upgrade here this week ONLY for just $15. Get 4 SJV Upgrades and 4 PowerBoostSuperSolos at my 4 TAEs and you can have a FREE link Ad here too.    24/12/2014

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays {fname}
This offer stands for this week ONLY...

Upgrade here before Monday 29 December at 12noon for just $15 and I'll give you a FREE Paid Link Ad here on top of the other bonus' I already offer to my PRO members.

After Monday the price will go up to $21 and you will not get the FREE Paid Link Ad worth up to $8.

You set up your ad in 'Advertising' on the top navigation bar, and submit, but DON'T pay (I'll check your details and approve it FREE).


Your Ad will display in the members area in
Paid Links tab.

On top of that, upgrading here gets you...

1 MILLION Side Banner Ad Credits (free members get none)
1 MILLION Text Ad Credits (free members get none)
5 Recommended Program Slots (free members get one)
$128 worth of standard outside bonus' (instead of just $69 as a free member)
PLUS you get 50% commissions for every PRO member you bring in. (free members earn just 25% and MUST upgrade before they are able to cash out).

As a special thank you from me personally you will also get...

a FREE upgrade at all 4 of my TextAdExchanges and a PowerBoostSuperSoloAd at each too.
(all members get 1 million points at each site to purchase advertising by redeeming the Promo Code shown in the Top Builder Spot).

I will also help you promote your link via my rotator until you have 3 PRO referrals.

Also amongst many more bonus' and incentives I will be offering, upgraded members will have First Access to my new 8-in-1 mailer site I have under creation right now, plus an upgrade and phenomenal ads package at each of the 8 inclusive sites.

Around Easter I will be launching my Multi Ad Exchange Submitter, and PRO members here will get a FREE Basic Membership there too.

All that is just for starters.
I am going to be giving this sites upgraded members so much value for their $49 purchase, you'll have to fight referrals off.

You can get it ALL for just $15 right now!

I know it's the festive season and credit cards are getting maxed out, but think how much you are saving by treating yourself now, and how much value you will be getting throughout the New Year and beyond with this one-time $15 payment.

You have until Monday to think about it
Until then have a Happy Holiday.
Take care.
Kymm Reynolds.
Admin of ultimatedownlinebuilder.net

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