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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Last chance to save 85% on your RTAB GOLD upgrade and promo code added to try it out, Please Read!

Last chance to save 85% on your RTAB GOLD upgrade and promo code added to try it out, Please Read!   12 Jan 2015

Hi again {fname}

Not meaning to be pushy here, but this is THE best advertising offer I have EVER seen, and it ends tomorrow.
Please DO NOT miss this!

Log in here at UltimateDownlineBuilder.net using the details you used when you joined...

Then go to the 'Recommended Advertising Resources' section and join RealTimeAdBlast right now, checking your sponsor has joined ahead of you.
Your sponsor is {sponsor}

Just $59.95 gets you a Lifetime GOLD membership at RealTimeAdBlast. RRP is $399.95 so you're saving a MASSIVE 85% or $340.

GOLD members get 10 each Banner, Button Banner, Log-on Ads, Traffic and Hot Links aswell as solo ads. ALL these are submitted to 104 and growing TAEs with just 1 click EVERY month for life.

This will save you hours every day from posting ads.
Imagine what you could do with all that extra free time you could have.

Gold members earn 50% commissions and FREE members earn 20% so even if you don't upgrade, it's worth joining.

Kenny has offered our members a special promo code too.
After joining, go to the set up advertising section and use promo code

This will give you 1 banner ad and a traffic link FREE.
What a great way to promote your UDB link.
This code is valid for ALL members, so make sure you claim it.

RTAB will be a permanent resource here at UDB so make sure you join and add your ID to the builder.

Thanks for reading.
Kymm Reynolds.
P.S. PRO membership here at UDB goes up to $33 tomorrow at 12pm EST, if you haven't already upgraded here, save $6 and upgrade today.

S.P.S. If you are no longer marketing or do not want to be a part of UDB. Please feel free to delete your account from the link below or reply REMOVE ME and I'll do it for you. You are always welcome to come back later if you change your mind.

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